Fitness Training & Classes

Join in on our Amazing Fitness & Weight Management Lifestyle Coaching program.

What you get:

Customized Suggested Meal Plan and strategies, to eliminate the guesswork.

Grocery list to save time and money.

Personal Food Prep Instructions.

Done-for-YOU Recipes so you never have to ask yourself “what am I going to make?”

Personal Accountability Coach to motivate YOU and Inspire YOU on YOUR journey.

Weekly Powerhouse Workouts(12-20) designed to tone YOUR body and get you in your best shape.

Virtual Support, One-On-One Consultation, 24/7 access to YOUR Coach, accountability & MORE!

Our program design is a 12 Week program:

The first 30 Days to Enourage YOU to adapt a NEW Lifestyle  It takes 21 Days to make or break a habit.  With 22 Days you’ve found the way.

Leading to 60 Days, to Empower YOU to adopt the Lifestyle and make it YOUR own.

On the 90 Day, YOU will be Equipped for doing life better with wellness as a way of life!

From there YOU reap a 100 Fold Blessing doing life better all the way together!

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Our Schedule is available for the convenience of accessing scheduling, partnering, fitness training and Life Coaching Series (The Wellness Journey to Recovery) creating the life you want to live.  Providing various of opportunities connecting you with our community and our studio. The fitness training and coaching style is designed to maximize fat burning calories by promoting the 80/20 rule of fitness in strength training. 80 percent of your training results comes from 20 percent of your training time (efforts). Looks like this: Decrease time, and increase efficiency…monitor your results, then repeat, keep going until your change comes. 20% of your efforts equals 100% of your results, or 90% etc.. This method is considered to be the law of distribution, not necessarily science. Our training sessions are safe, effective and most importantly “Fun”! Follow us on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook to learn more about our newest promotional programs and training time, days and locations.