Frequently asked questions

How long is your program?

My program is 12 weeks of engagement, providing us time to reset your mind, body, and spirit to adapt to “change”, adopt “new behaviors” and to allow you to make a lifestyle you own.

What’s the investment cost?

The Healthy Choices for Healthy Outcomes Lifestyle Program is valued at X but is currently being offered for a limited time only at $547. Payment plans are available upon request and approval.

Can I join at any time?

We offer group cohorts that all start and finish at the same time. Cohort registration currently opens up every 2 months.

What is the time investment on my end?

Through the program, we will conduct weekly coaches calls, as well as live group training sessions throughout the 12 weeks. You will also receive meal plans and workout plans. However, ultimately, what you put into it is what you will get out of it.

How much weight will I lose?

Our bodies are unique, fearfully, and wonderfully made!  There are no two people the same but when we all get together on one accord to empower each other on this journey and do the work, I have witness average participants lose 2-5lbs. per week.

Can you help me look in better shape?

Absolutely I will be there to lead the way!

Do I have to take supplements?

Supplements are optional but recommended to give your body proper nutrients to thrive throughout your day and or workouts.

We also offer our program members custom discounts on Vitamins, Protein Powder, Protein Bars and Nutritional Supplements.

Will I look like you when I am done?

You will “not” look like me, maybe some similarities.  Within 12 weeks Your body will align with your mind and spirit and together become toned.  We will see the transformation and begin to sculp as your body is burning fat and building muscle allowing us to sculpt your unique physique along the way.  

Do I have to eat the same thing all the time?

You do not! Through the program we offer custom tailored meal plans, as well as live-in-the-kitchen cooking classes to keep your meal options varied and fun.

Your body thrives from proper nutrition and a balance of protein, carbs, and fat.  What you have to eat is all up to you!   In my 12-week program I will provide suggestions to assist you in making decisions for you to make healthy choices for healthy outcomes in your food choices.

How long will it take me to reach my goal?

Reaching your goal is going to be mind and time sensitive and dependent upon how your body is responding and transforming.  The awesome thing about setting goals and monitoring progress is that you will see the “changes” for yourself and be motivated to keep doing the work because it works when “you” work for it! Before you know it you will have new goals and be ready to accomplish them!

Do I have to work out?

Depending on your goal working out is recommended because there are many health benefits with exercise.  Together we will design a plan that works best for you.

Do I have to count calories?

Counting calories is necessary but is taught and thought out through portion control and can be a minimum thing. 

To lose weight and keep it off, we follow the 80% nutrition, 20% exercise rule.  Creating a caloric deficit and speeding up your metabolism through exercise, can help you be successful on your weight loss journey.  In my 12-week program we will obtain your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) and create a plan of action best fit for you.  

Will you hold me accountable?

Yes!  Accountability is one of our 3 pillars and is in place to offer you the support that one need daily. 

Can I drink alcohol during the program?

Drinking alcohol will slow your weight loss and even lead to weight gain and is not encouraged.  The 80/20 rule of nutrition can be applied here with alcohol consumption in moderation.  The truth here is this; this is your “life”, and you are responsible for creating habits that will allow you to sustain your life and allow you to reach your goals.

Can I still eat what I like to eat?

Yes, you can eat what you like to eat, and you are encouraged to avoid fried foods, alcohol, sweats, breads, and processed foods 80% of the week and to enjoy those same foods 20% of the time guilt free.

What foods can’t I eat?

The foods you can’t eat are the foods that your doctor has told you cannot eat or that hinder your progress but other than that you will learn that food is not your enemy and you can eat anything (in moderation).