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You are unique, fearfully and wonderfully made!

We offer consulting services, coaching and training programs dedicated to give you the tools needed to overcome your adversities while reaching your optimal health and wellness goals.

Become Stronger

We know just what you need!

We provide life coaching to become resilient in the face of adversity, and fitness & weight management training as a way of life to develop strategies to maximize your results for optimal wellness.  We are great at getting people on the right track for better health, and to recover from it all in their personal life by promoting healthy behaviors focusing on a holistic approach to achieving your best self outcome.

Become the best version of Yourself

Fall in love with the journey!

We are leading the way promoting a lifestyle 4 wellness as a way of life to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.  We’ll make sure you have exactly what you need for personal development designed to improve your overall quality of life and for sharing your story as an overcomer, a reality for others to know what God is like through your personal testimony.

Meet Coach Stephanie

Coach Stephanie Barboza is a Recovery Coach, Health & Wellness coach (a personal trainer & nutrition specialist), and the visionary behind C.L.U.B. Blessed. Her individual journey of wellness, growth, adversity, and triumph led to the birth of C.L.U.B. Blessed (Christ Loves U Best) Services Incorporated.

Now, she serves as a beacon of hope through individual personal development, peer support, health and wellness coaching, fitness & weight management training, and spiritual mentorship. She takes an individualized approach with each client, to create optimal wellness structures that they can maintain for years to come.

Stephanie is a Recovery Coach, Certified Wellness Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist, and a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through her work with C.L.U.B. Blessed, in addition to her Wellness Pathway to Recovery program, she is now embodying the essence of what God once spoke to her, saying “My people are destroyed for their lack of knowledge; I am sending you to go and share with them all that I (God) have done for you and how He (God) brought you out of the darkness so that I can be a light to others. Show them and teach them and use what I have put in your hands”!  What God has done for her she believes He will do the same for you and even greater.

Join the Wellness Pathway to Recovery Program

We encourage, accountability and community. The C.LU.B Blessed health & wellness plans are tailored to meet you where you’re at, and get you where you want to be.

The Wellness Pathway to Recovery Program is designed to take you on a physical (body) AND spiritual (mind and soul) journey that produces long-term lifestyle changes. Through 5 areas for personal development spiritual, physical, intellectual (mental), emotional, and social, this program will help develop your health from the inside out by identifying areas where you’d like to improve.  You will work with a coach to assemble a plan, structure your personal development goals and help you create a routine that is the best fit for you to become your best version of yourself.  This program is built upon biblical principles and backed by certified nutrition specialist and personal trainer (NASM) Coach Stephanie AKA Prophet Stephanie Barboza, get ready to be encouraged, equipped, empowered, refined, held accountable, and most importantly, TRANSFORMED.

What people are saying...

Karyn R.

I came to Coach Stephanie with a goal of losing weight put on during the pandemic and developing a consistent workout schedule. I am happy to say that I have lost the weight and made strides toward maintaining a consistent workout plan. I would absolutely recommend her as she is extremely thorough, able to communicate with different types of people in a positive way & very knowledgeable about health & fitness.

Laura M.

Her passion and encouragement, combined with the way she incorporates faith and fitness are what drew me to Coach Stephanie. I have been more consistent than ever before. She has also inspired and challenged me to push myself physically to do more than I thought I could do. I would absolutely recommend her to friends and family!

Virginia F.

What drew me to Coach Stephanie was her personality, her knowledge of the body and her attention to correct physical form so as to prevent injury. She is everything a coach should be and more and I look forward to continuing to work with her toward my goals of getting in shape.

Luisiane D.

Coach Stephanie makes getting into shape easy and fun. Through her, I’ve specifically been learning not only how to train better, but how to eat better. Not to mention, she has a great personality!

Kimberly H.

I love that Coach Stephanie is always available to help as well as hold you accountable. Her consistency and positivity have helped immensely with my goals of weight loss as well as controlling my eating habits.