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Become Healthier

You are unique, fearfully and wonderfully made!

We have coaching and training programs dedicated to give you the tools needed to reach your optimal health and wellness goals.

Become Stronger

We know just what you need!

We provide life coaching, and fitness & weight management training as a way of life to develop strategies to maximize your results.  We are great at getting people on the right track to their personal lifestyle 4 wellness.

Become the best version of Yourself

Fall in love with the journey!

We are leading the way promoting a lifestyle 4 wellness as a way of life to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.  We’ll make sure your new plan is exactly what you need to make your dreams your reality.

Welcome to the C.L.U.B

We are creating a lifestyle 4 wellness as a way of life, and transforming your mind by unlearning what is not true about you and replacing it with the truth about you, by faith to restore the body to thrive.  Starting with changing eating patterns, nailing calorie intake, controlling weight and reducing the risk of Chronic Disease.   It is our goal to be leaders in how people can improve their life by creating a lifestyle for wellness as a way of life. In addition to creating a healthy eating pattern, regular physical fitness is another most important thing we provide for you to improve your overall health and wellness.  Our coaching program is about “Life, Love & Liberty” creating the life you want to live and become all that God created you to be.  It’s a Lifestyle!

Lifestyle 4 Wellness

We believe in helping people become their best version of themselves!

To restore the body to thrive, we develop healthy choices to empower healthy outcomes.  Through educational information about the fundamentals of health and wellness.  Introducing 8 Dimensions of Wellness (spiritually, Physically, Intellectually, emotionally, Socially, Occupationally, Financially and Environmentally)  and what that means for you.  We are also personalizing the 80/20 rule of fitness & nutrition, 80% is nutrition and 20% is exercise and what that is for you (food and exercise intensity).  80% of the time YOU are eating the healthiest choices for YOU, so the other 20% of the time YOU can enjoy food guilt free!  We are offering individual and group coaching creating new habits, all while making it affordable, accessible, attainable and convenient- Guaranteeing a healthier, stronger and Blessed you.  We are doing all things unto the Glory of God believing it is the purpose for every living creation to fulfill a “Lifestyles 4 Wellness” as a way of life.