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We are committed to developing “Healthy Choices for Healthy Outcomes” transforming your lifestyle from the inside out. This is done by unlearning what is not true about you and replacing it with the truth of God concerning your choices and the outcome (spiritually, physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially), God’s has given us grace to live by faith restoring our body to thrive. Through our 12-week “Healthy Choices for Healthy Outcome” Lifestyle program we tackle the mindset and behaviors around eating patterns, calorie intake, controlling weight, and reducing the risk of Chronic Disease long-term. In addition to creating healthy patterns from the inside, physical fitness training is a primary component in the program that is provided for you to improve your overall health and wellness. Most importantly, we bring a biblical foundation, incorporating spiritual wellness at the forefront of all we do.



  • Weekly coaches call & spiritual tuneup
  • Full body measurement assessment 
  • Breakdown of body fat%, lean body mass, & total daily energy expenditures
  • Physical & spiritual goal setting
  • Receive your Target Training Heart Rate Zone
  • Receive your Exercise Prescription
  • Photo submission for before & afters
  • Receive macros & customized meal plan
  • Receive tools to implement and track meal plan progress
  • Receive list of quick healthy recipes with grocery list
  • Access to private Facebook community fellowship & daily motivation


  • “Strength training 101” live group Zoom call
  • 1 live group virtual strength training session per week
  • Virtual “Live-in-the-Kitchen” meal prep demonstration
  • “Know Your Food Labels 101” training
  • “Share Your Story” virtual group session
  • Measurements reassessment 
  • Month 2 photo submissions


  • “Cardio & Core 101” live group Zoom call
  • 1 live group virtual cardio & core training session per week
  • Virtual “Meal-prep with Me” group cooking class 
  • “Share Your Success” virtual group session
  • Group giveaways 
  • Measurements reassessment 
  • Month 3 photo submissions 
  • Continued weekly coaches calls & spiritual tuneups
  • Continued access to private Facebook community fellowship & daily motivation

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